Mr Ranjit Singh was born In India and upon qualifying as an electrical enEineer in Ciotti”, he emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1963. Ranjit Singh worked as an engin a…r for a decade before moving into the construction industry. He established the RK Group of Construction and Property Companies in late seventies which have athleved 0 reputation for excellence, with carer 200 employees in and around the London area.He is married with three sons and five grandchildren.

Ranjit Singh has and continues to perform eKemplary voluntary service in community relations and in charitable work.

The gotta in which the RanJit Singh has excelled:

  • President of the Sikh Forum International (I’m-present)
  • Founder and Chairman of Guru Nan a k International Educational Trust (1966-present)
  • Chair of interfaith &Community Cohesion Forum (1005-present)
  • President of India Association (1982-1990)
  • President of Indian Cultural Welfare Association (1972-1980)
  • Founder of Punjab Unity Forum (1985.1989)
  • All of these posts have been unpaid

The benefits resulting from Ranjit Singh’s service:

The Sikh Forum International, of which Mr Ranjit Singh is President, is acknowledged as the very -first Sikh charitable organisation in Britain. The Sikh Forum’s Annual Reception has been attended by farmer and current ministers and Members of the Cabinet. He Is a respected leader in the Sikh Community who has worked tirelessly to promote integration and religious tolerance. Such has been bib devotion to helping communities and charities that his name has become synonymous with altruistic deeds

Ranjit Singh work has resulted In benefits In the following areas:

Sikh Integration:

The Sikh Forum International is an organisation focused on promoting the integration of the Sikh 061rirnunity into Ul( society. Ranjit Singh has been a driving force behind different activities to help fester understanding of Sikh culture. For example, he played a pivotal role in the Metropolitan Police Service allowing sikhs to wear turbans, from where he began a dose relationship with many senior officers. This hen resulted in Ranjit Singh taking a number of senior police officers to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to explain the foundations of Sikhism. Following the 2005 London bombings, he worked with various media organisation including the BBC and Sky Flews, to help the public distinguish to Sikhs from certain Muslim communities. In 2009, he helped draft guidelines for Metropolitan Police officers when searching Sikh persons.

As President of the Sikh Forum International, he is the leader of one of the foremost charitable organisations, whose achievements include raising funds for charities such as The Princes Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital_

Support For Sikh Communities:

Since the 1970s, Ranjit -Singh has helped various Gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship) across the country, such as helping develop and finance the building of a new Gurdwara in Ealing. West London,. in 2005. He also showed his deep commitment to education by negotiating the purchase and establishment of Sikh Schotls in chipielt, Essex and Hayes, West London.

Ranjit Singh has donated generously to many Sikh establishments in need of refurbishment, such as the Gurdwara In Neville Road, Forest gate, London E7.

International Support For Sikhs:

Following the assassination In 1984 of the Indian Prime Minister,  Indira Ghandi ,Ranjit Singh saw the risk of marginaltionlism of Sikhs worldwide, He became a founder member of the Punjab Unity FORUM to help maintain Indian unity. He worked with the late Under Kumar Gujral, later Prime Minister, to raise funds and communicate a message  of peace and reconciliation. This undoubtedly he avoid the real possibility of large scale confrontation.


Ranjit Singh authored a book titled, ‘Sikh Achiever?, a not-for-profit publication with the intention of celebrating the outstanding achievements of Sikhs both in Britain and worldwide. He also sponsored a book called “The Glimpses of Harmandir” the Abode of God’, a not-for-profit work on Sikhism v,hich has achieved worldwide circulation. Each year, under the stewardship of Ranjit Singh, the Sikh Forum International publishes a brochure that includes discussion papers on topics of religious and community identity.

Community Cohesion:

In 2005, in the aftermath of the London Bombings, Ranjit Singh worked with the Metropolitan Ponce Service to net up an advisory body which became the ‘interfaith and Community Cohesion Forum’. He was elected Chair and the Forum provided strategic advice on overcoming community conflict or where high level policy might lead to vulnerabilities. For example, lie successfully argued that the Police Service should encourage celebration of ail religious festivals, to that communities respect each other’s cultural identity, rather than regarding such celebrations as being inherently discriminatory.

Religious Tolerance:

Between 2004 and MIN, Ranjit Singh Organised and funded visit to Amritsar in India to help persons in authority to understand Sikhism. In both cases the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service was amongst the delegates_ In 2010, he sponsored the unveiling of a portrait of Maharaja Du Jeep Singh, the last King of Punjab, in London’s Carlton Club. Ranjit Singh has helped other faiths spread their teachings, Such as working over the past five years with the Brahma Kurnarl Hindus In their European Centre in North London

In 2011, Ranjit Singh organised and sponsored the first In a series of inter-faith pregranones where Christian, Muslim, Hindu and tewlsh representative spoke on Sikh Television on the Subject of religious tolerance, which was broadcast throughout the world.

Representation by minority community:

One area where Ranjit Singh has excelled has been in the integration of all communitie. lie has worked towards increasing the proportions of members of visible ethnic minority communities In various areas of British society. Following a successful recruitment event at New Scotland Yard In 24102., in 2007 he organized and sponsored a very successful multifaith recruitment conference to encourage young people from minority communities to consider a career in the Armed Forces and the Police Services.

Fund Raising For Military:

Rank Singh has promoted the work of the Armed Fortes through Special fund-raising events, where guests of honour have included General J. J. Singh, former Chief of the Indian Army Staff and General the Lord Richard Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff. In 2010, for example, he donated DAGO:Rothe Army Benevolent Fund.


Ranjit Singh is passionate about education as a driver of social mobility. He has sponsored Mani; students from disadvantaged communities to complete their tertiary education.

In 1996 he set up the Guru Nanak International Educational Trust to provide support for disadvantaged young people In the UK and India. The Trust began awarding sponsorship from 2006 and has now made charitable donations. exceeding E90,000 towards the education of young people without the necessary resources. Ranjit Singh has made great efforts to continually raise funds so that the Trust can continue Its good Work for many years to come.

Other Charity Work:

Ranjit Singh has secured funding for numerous charitable organisations_ The most recent benefactors Include Greet Ormond Street Hospital and Students in general in the UK. The Sikh Forum International also recently donated £22,000 to The Fiances Trust, in order to support under privileged young people.

The Guru Nanak International Education Trust sponsors a school in Ludhiana, India, where over 700 children are receiving free education and day time meals.

In April 2015 Ranjit Singh held a religious function at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa college,where he raised thousands of pounds on behalf of Guru Nanak international Education Trust for Bhai Baaz  Singh Public School in Ludhiana, India.

Recognition Of Ranjit Singh’s Contribution Elsewhere:

In the 2004 Queens New Years Honours List, Ranjit Singh was made an OBE for services to communities.

In 1985 the President of India, late Giani Zail Singh, presented NO Singh with the Shiromeni Award (en esteemed Community Award).